Recommended Books: Lesson Plans

Recommended Books: Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for Classroom Teachers: Kindergarten through Second Grade: This book and the one that follows were strongly recommended to me by a teacher from the elementary school in my district. She is a second year teacher, and she said that these books were very helpful in keeping her sane during her first year. Lesson Plans for Classroom Teachers: Third and Fourth Grades is also available.

Ready to Use Motor Skills & Movement Station Lesson Plans for Young Children: Kids love the fun activities in this book.  The book has hundreds of developmentally age-appropriate activities to build young children's motor skills and increase their self-confidence.

The First Six Weeks of School: This book presents plans for the first six weeks of school to help elementary teachers build a sense of community within their classroom. Activities including games and writing help students become familiar with each other and develop a sense of trust, caring and respect.

How To Thrive And Survive In The Classroom

Guide To Getting A Teaching Job

ETeach: A Teacher Resource. A Teacher Resource For Learning The Strategies Of Master Teachers.