History Activities

History Activities

Geographical Terms: Lesson
Geographical Terms: Study Cards (pdf format)
Geographical Terms: Practice Quiz
Geographical Terms: PowerPoint
Regions & Resources of the U.S.: Lesson
Government: Lesson
Our Government Slideshow
Government: Practice Quiz
European Explorers and Settlers Lesson: Part 1
European Explorers and Settlers Lesson: Part 2
Explorers: Practice Quiz
Cotton and Slavery: Practice Quiz

Black History Facts Calendar
"ON THIS DATE IN BLACK HISTORY: A CALENDAR OF EVENTS" -- This free, daily Black History Facts Calendar contains over 2,000 entries highlighting Black events. This website is a great resource for Black History.

Career Information

Short Biographies
Short biographies of famous men and women.

Everyday Law
MS History Chapter 2: Regions
MS History Chapter 3: Mississippi Indians
MS History Chapter 5: Territory to Statehood
MS History Chapter 7: A New Century
MS History Chapter 8: Civil Rights
MS History Chapter 9: Mississippi's Economy

Lemonade Stand

Amendments to the US Constitution

How To Thrive And Survive In The Classroom

Guide To Getting A Teaching Job

ETeach: A Teacher Resource. A Teacher Resource For Learning The Strategies Of Master Teachers.