Science Fair Projects

Science Fair Projects, Ideas and Activities

Science fair projects are a great tool for teaching the scientific method.

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Physical Science Experiments

Which metals conduct heat best?
Measuring the calories in a peanut
Which material makes the best heat insulator?
The efficiency of airspace as an insulator
Which color of liquid absorbs the most heat?
Which color container absorbs the most heat?
Which color container cools off the quickest?
How temperature affects the height at which different balls bounce
How heat affects recording tape
Do black bottom pools keep the water warmer?

idea Physics: Providing you with ideas for your next science fair project
idea Physics: Providing you with ideas for your next science fair project

How constant is the temperature in my refrigerator?
How accurate is the temperature knob on my oven?
The effects of temperature on the strength of dry cells
The effect of light on dyed materials
Calculating liquid density using light refraction
Materials that absorb sound
String telephones: what materials work best in conducting sound
Conductivity of various liquids
How temperature affects the amount of electricity given off by a solar cell How increasing the number of batteries affects the speed of a motor What is the voltage range of the GE-14 bulb?
The strength of a magnet vs. distance
Do magnetic fields affect the sound quality on a recording tape? The effects of washing on dyed materials
Which fabrics are most fire—resistant?
Which toothpaste is most abrasive?
The amount of dissolved salt in drinking water Can saltwater be desalted by freezing?
Popcorn: A graphical analysis of pops per second
Strength of different woods
Ink evaluation with paper chromatography Splat — a study in droplet patterns
Chlorine levels in our drinking water
The effects of swimming pool water (chlorine) on hair
Testing sugar in soft drinks
Comparison of vitamin A content in frozen, canned and fresh peas
Which foods have starch (or sugar, fat, protein, etc.)?
Testing various orange drinks for vitamin C
How fire affects roofing materials How well do various fabrics absorb dye?
Who has greater body density, boys or girls? How strong is a spider web thread?
Think up your own special project idea
How does the tail affect the flight of a kite?
What shutter speed is needed to photograph a moving fan?
The velocity of water through different tubes (same size, different material)
The velocity of water through different tubes (same material, different sizes)
The velocity of different liquids through the same size tube
Density of various liquids

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Engineering Projects

Do oil additives reduce friction on engine parts?
A frictionless magnetic bearing
110w many rotor blades give maximum lift for a helicopter? Paper airplane performance
Using electromagnets to power a car
Battle of the bridges
Computer projects
Testing a car headlight as a satellite dish antenna
Storing the sun’s energy
Power from rising air
power from the waves
Testing different water turbine blades

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Earth Science Experiments

Charting the apparent motion of Polaris Composition of Hawaiian sand
Water retention of different soils
Using a computer for mineral Identification
How much dust Tails on your lawn in a month?
How clean is our air?
How acid is our rain?
Speed of clouds using photography
The effect of wave action on different rocks (using a rock tumbler)
Wave barriers
Using feathers to clean up oil spills
Terracing and how it affects erosion
The effects of water on different types of wood

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Consumer Projects

Which firewood gives the most heat per dollar?
Which solar ~panel is most efficient?
Can a roof overhang cut summer cooling costs?
A comparative study of various packing materials
How much money can a pool cover save?
Which candle is the best buy?
Which light bulb is most efficient?
Are TV commercials louder than regular programming?
Think up your own special project
The frequency and length of TV commercials during a half—hour program
Which battery is the best buy?
How much does it really cost to run a refrigerator?
Which stain remover works best?
Which detergent removes grass stains best?
Which detergent cuts grease the best?
Which detergent has the longest-lasting suds?
The effectiveness of pre—wash products
Waterproofing agents — which is best?
The effects of deodorants on clothes
Which paint protects wood the best?
The effectiveness of different wood preservatives
Shampoo evaluation
Water solubility of suntan lotions
Meat, fat and moisture content of hot dogs
Do sausages vary in fat and water content?
Which popcorn pops the most?
Up to bat - wood or aluminum?
Fishing lines take the strength test
Sole traction - which sole is best?
Skateboard wheels - which are best?
Leaky faucets - how much do they cost us?
Which uses more water, a shower or a bath?
Which container (or wrapping) preserves food best?
Which paper towel is most absorbent?
Which diaper is best?
Which lighter has the most fuel?
Comparison of locks - which is best?
Which nails have the best holding power?
The best air pressure for an A.T.C. (3—wheeler) How long are yellow lights at various intersections? Do parking meters give us the right time?

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Life Science Experiments

Does a magnetic field affect the growth of beans?
Does electricity affect the growth of beans?
Does temperature affect the growth of plants?
How do plants react to different kinds of music?
110w detergents affect the growth of plants
Do plants grow better with tap water or distilled water?
The effects of root bounding on plant growth
Do roots always grow down?
Do mirrors affect the way plants grow?
Does leaf surface area affect plant growth?
Leaf size vs. location
Effects of artificial vs. natural light on plants
Under which color cellophane do plants grow best?
Can you give a plant too much fertilizer?
Testing different potting soils
Which mulch covering works best?
Does the phase of the moon affect the germination of seeds?
Do seeds sprout better in cold or hot climates?
How does gravity affect the growth of seeds?
Does acid rain affect the germination of seeds?
Under which thickness of plastic do radishes grow best?
How the amount of light affects the growth of marigolds
Do avocados ripen more evenly with the stems left on?
Which banana has the most sugar - green, yellow or brown? Comparing the moisture content of five varieties of apples
Effects of the environment on popcorn (heat, cold, moisture, time, etc.) Does aspirin prolong the life of cut carnations?
How detergents affect the growth of algae in pond water
A study of marine growth on various surfaces
How fast does a mealworm (or snail) travel?
The speed of snails on different surfaces
Horsepower of snails
The effect of different metals on snails
Effects of household pesticides on earthworms
Do earthworms help plants to grow?
Can insects pull more than their own body weight?
Ant control - natural vs. chemical repellants Do goldfish grow larger in a larger tank?
Fish feeding — the effects of light
Can mice see colors?
Can mice distinguish shapes (squares, circles, triangles - associate one with food)
Hamster activity and the phases of the moon
Can the color of unborn rabbits be predicted?
How many grams of food does a rabbit eat per day?
Chickens and colored corn - which will they eat?
Will a chicken lay more eggs with rock music playing? Do pyramids preserve food?
How does our vision affect our taste?
Light vs. vision - which color is best?
Night vision and the effects of colored objects
The effect of color on depth perception
Does a blindfolded person walk in a circle?
The relationship between age and response time
Can you recognize your own profile?
Left-hand, right—hand transference using a “mirror tracing”

Elementary Science Fair Project Secrets

Reading and remembering with different colored paper — which works best?
Flexibility: boys vs. girls
Do adults know U.S. geography? (or math skills, science concepts, etc.)
How do people react when seeing a teenager shoplift?
How teeth react to different liquids
Do taste buds grow weaker as you get older?
Effects of coffee on a person’s steady hand
Effects of caffeine on blood pressure
Hot tubs and their effect on blood pressure
Effects of foul smells on blood pressure
Tar and nicotine in five brands of cigarettes Smoking vs. lung capacity
Lung power of different age groups

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