Books for Teachers

Recommended Books for the Classroom Teacher

Keeping the Light in Your Eyes: A Guide to Helping Teachers Discover, Remember, Relive, and Rediscover the Joy of Teaching by Beth Hurst and Ginny Reding. MORE ...

Teach Smarter, Not Harder: Building A Sound Foundation for a Successful Career

Learning To Teach: Not Just for Beginners

Project-Based Learning: Using Information Technology

Active Learning: 101 teaching Strategies to Teach Any Subject: Enliven your classroom with 101 active learning strategies that can be used to teach virtually any subject. Each strategy is described with clear, step-by-step instructions.

What Keeps Teachers Going? Sonia takes a close look at what can be learned from veteran teachers who not only continue to teach but also manage to remain enthusiastic about it. This book provides much needed advice on how to solve the everyday challenges of student learning.
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Portfolios and Other Assessments by Julia Jasmine. Although I tend to be more of a traditionalist when it comes to assessment, I do like to use rubrics to grade writing and some social studies or science projects. The section of this book provides information on setting up rubrics as well as sample rubrics. The next section of the book focuses on task assessment to evaluate student achievement. MORE ...

The Laughing Classroom: Everyone's Guide to Teaching with Humor and Play: This book is a collection of hands-on ideas for applying humor and easy-to-follow techniques for increasing the playfulness of teaching. There are warn-ups, laughing lessons, and play breaks.

If They're Laughing, They're Not Killing Each Other: Teachers of any subject, grades 5 to adult, will enjoy this practical and humorous book. It includes 29 tips for tapping into the power of humor, as well as many examples of materials that encourage laughter and learning.

Brain Teasers! by Susan Petreshene. Over 180 quick activities and worksheets that make kids think. I love keeping this book handy for those moments when you have ten minutes or so to kill. Most of the activities in this book can be done with little to no prep. I also include some of the activities in my substitute teacher lesson plans. There are plenty of lesson ideas for teachers of 1st through 6th grade students. MORE ...

Games From Long Ago and Far Away by Thomas J. Carr. This book gives you an incredible collection of 327 indoor and outdoor games from places like Malaysia, Israel, and Great Britain and from early times in Ancient China and Colonial America to the present. These games are designed for maximum student participation and skill building.

Ready-to-Use Social Skills Lessons and Activities: Each of the books in this set gives teachers 50 or more detailed lesson plans with reproducible activity sheets to help students build self-esteem as they master specific social skills such as listening, setting goals, problem-solving, using self-control, stopping false rumors, and more. (Grades 1-3) (Grades 4-6) (Grades 7-12)

The Ultimate Playground & Recess Game Book: A useful resource that has a wide variety of games that are simple and fun.

How To Thrive And Survive In The Classroom

Guide To Getting A Teaching Job

ETeach: A Teacher Resource. A Teacher Resource For Learning The Strategies Of Master Teachers.